Michael Rice
San Antonio, Texas
michael (at) michaelrice (dot) org


To continue my professional career in cloud computing with a growing company focused on providing exceptional products and support to its customers.



Software Developer -- OpenStack Private Cloud Solutions R&D May 2015 -- Current

  • Build custom Horizon dashboards, pannels, and plugins
  • Create custom OpenStack Ansible roles and playbooks to extend functionality of Rackspace Private Cloud
  • Build custom solutions to help facilitate the installation of Rackspace Private Cloud OpenStack Edition
  • Build Ansible playbooks to automate the configuration of Ubuntu before Rackspace Private Cloud OpenStack Edition is installed

Software Developer -- VMWare Practice Aug 2012 - May 2015

  • Worked with development team to redesign application stack to scale using RabbitMQ
  • Created HostSystem automation that used Grails, RabbitMQ, and SSH
  • Continue to maintain and enhance web based operations tool
  • On boarding all new developers to the team helping them learn the application stack and Git
  • Work closely with scrum master to build stories for the Jr Developers
  • Work with DevOps team to build Jenkins jobs that assist with automated deployments of Grails apps
  • Created python application that is run from CRON to gather billing data from vCloud Usage Meter
  • Created automated decom process for HostSystems and VirtualMachines removing lots of NVA work from the Operations team ticket queue
  • Worked with product owners to design some of the NextGen VMware products Rackspace will be offering
  • Worked on automated provisioning tools that will play a key role in some of the NextGen VMware products
  • SME for Git and vSphere API

Virtualization Engineer Sep 2011 - Aug 2012

  • Installed and configured OpenStack using early versions of the Rackspace Private Cloud
    • Worked with the development team to enhance the quality of the installer
    • Debug django based installer when it failed
    • Trouble shoot puppet manifests that were part of the install process
  • Created v1 of the current automated provisioning system used by the Managed Virtualization powered by VMware product
    • Used Grails to create a series of applications that tied the CMDB into vSphere using REST
  • Created web application for VMware Operations team that reduced manual work
  • Created automation to handle several large volume tickets that were deemed as Non Value Add tickets
  • Worked 3rd shift for 4 months to learn how the VMware business worked from an Operations point of view
  • Created web based DeClone tool using Grails, Perl, and the VMware VIX library

McClelland & Hine

Systems Administrator Jan 2007 - Aug 2011

  • Replaced Cisco routers with OpenSource FreeBSD solution using quagga. Routing protocols used: OSPF
  • Replaced InterTel PBX with OpenSource solution using Asterisk and a custom version of FreePBX
  • Replaced legacy FreeBSD systems with updated Linux servers to provide company DNS, and file servers using SAMBA with minimal down time
  • Implemented SQUID for caching and web filtering
  • Implemented a VMware solution to reduce server foot print in datacenters using vSphere 3.5 and later updating to 4.1
    • This reduced physical server foot print from close to 100 servers between 3 locations to 9 physical servers
  • Implemented various monitoring systems including Nagios (later updated to Icinga), SmokePing, and Munin
  • Responsible for keeping Falconstor IPstor SAN updated with latest patches and doing SAN provisioning
  • Replaced legacy firewalls with PFSense powered firewalls
  • Implemented F5 Firepass VPN
  • Provided exceptional end user support to 120+ employees on printers, faxes, Windows desktop issues, and email
  • Managed company DNS servers running BIND & Email using Kerio
  • Implemented puppet to allow for centralized configuration management
  • Created various automated tools using PERL, PHP, and Python that integrated with VMware and Asterisk


Very active member of the OpenSource community since 2005.

  • simdeplower -- Python tool to deploy a vCenter Server Appliance into Fusion or Workstation
  • Thunderhead -- Python SDK for VMware vCloud Usage Meter
  • Gotland -- Python SDK for the RabbitMQ REST API
  • YAVIJAVA -- Fork of VIJAVA the Java bindings for vSphere
  • pyVmomi -- Python SDK for VMware vSphere
  • pyVmomi-community-samples -- Python scripts to demonstrate how to use pyVmomi
    • Source
    • Role: Active Contributor
  • grails-weakSSL -- Grails plugin to deliberately break SSL for you by accepting any SSL certificate
  • grails-jsch-ssh2 -- Grails plugin that provides ssh client using jsch-ssh2 library


  • vCenter Simulator For Functional Testing #1 Sept 2015 -- VMWorld US 2015
  • Quick Intoduction To pyVmomi Sept 2015 -- VMWorld US 2015
  • YAVIJAVA An Alternative Java SDK For vSphere Sept 2015 -- VMWorld US 2015
  • Quick Deep Dive Into vCenter Simulator Configuration Sept 2015 -- VMWorld 2015
  • Introduction to vSphere APIs Using pyVmomi March 2015 -- San Antonio VMWare User Group
  • Paths to VOIP March 2008 -- American Association of Managing General Agents Automation Conference


Experience using the following:

  • Operating Systems: Red Hat, Centos, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, FreeBSD, Mac OSX, Windows 7
  • VMware: vSphere, VIX, pyVmomi, ESX, ESXi, Fusion, Workstation, Player, vCloud Usage Meter, vCloud Director, VIJAVA, YAVIJAVA
  • Programming Languages: Groovy, Java, Perl, Python, PHP, Bash Scripting, limited exposure to Ruby
  • Web Frameworks: Grails, Flask, Zend, limited exposure to django
  • Databases: MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite
  • SCM: Git, GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Subversion
  • Monitoring: Nagios, Icinga, Munin, SmokePing
  • Config Management: Ansible, Chef, Puppet, SaltStack
  • Other: vcrpy, betamax, dsh, fabric, Apache httpd, Apache Tomcat, BIND, Lighttpd, OmniGraffle, Jira, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, Vagrant, Jenkins, Travis-CI
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